Hello, I’m Rebecca Ruggles a designer and entrepreneur. I work under the pseudonym Anna Skye over at Download & Print offering printable wedding invitation templates and DIY projects.

Now I’m coming out of my shell to share a project straight from my heart, TubbyWubby. Three years ago I made my first felt plushies for my dear friend’s twin girls. Consumed by the digital and virtual during the day, I loved the way my heart warmed hand stitching their one-of-a-kind critters. I felt overwhelming gratitude when I wrote a secret wish inside each one. That project was the seed that grew into the TubbyWubby you see before you.

TubbyWubby’s are about spreading gratitude, kindness, and love. You sew a piece of your love into every stitch, your hope becomes the wish they carry on their heart. When you give a TubbyWubby to someone, those feelings multiply and radiate out into the world.

I hope you can feel the love I put into every TubbyWubby kit. As they leave my studio and begin their journey out into the world, I look forward to seeing you bring them to life. May they bring you joy and happiness.

No matter what I’m doing, odds are my sidekick and spoiled rotten wiener dog Conan is right beside me. He enjoys food and walks on our ranch in Paso Robles, California.