Brought to life with your stitch. 

Each kit contains everything you need to make a handmade, heartfelt friend and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Designed to be welcoming to first-time stitchers, yet satisfying to experienced crafters.

Included in Each Kit:

Pre-cut felt pieces, threaded Needle (knotted and thru needle), Wish Heart, Display Loop, Birth Certificate, Fluffy Stuffing, and Illustrated Instructions 

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Better Together

I release two new critters every month. They will show up in your mailbox at the beginning of each month. Why two? Because it’s better to stitch together. Share the fun, make a new friend.

Why I created TubbyWubby?

TubbyWubby is more than a craft or a cute felt animal; it brings people together sharing the joy of handmade so we can all feel a little more connected.

The wish heart in each TubbyWubby kit is about taking a moment to think about things bigger than yourself. Together we can spread love, gratitude, and kindness – inspiring one million heartfelt wishes.

What to do with a Tubby Wubby?

Take on an Adventure.

If you are riding on a plane, train or car… our kits are a fun way to pass the time. The kit has everything you need and is small enough to slip into your carry-on or purse.

Activity to Share

It’s fun to stitch together – which is why I send two kits every month. Keep a kit in your grandma closet for when the kids come over, or open a bottle of wine and have the girls over for a stitching night. Scout troops, 4H, church or after school programs use our kits to build educational events.

Quiet Time

Stitching is meditation – a way to unplug and relax in the evening and escape the hustle of the day. A simple in and out stitch is calming. A bad day can turn into a smile as you see your critter come to life.

Show Off

With our display loop, you can hang your TubbyWubby critter as a: backpack buddy, purse pal, key chain, hoodie zipper pull, tree ornament, or cubicle mate.

What ages are appropriate?

7+ with adult supervision, 12+ without supervision. Our kit is not a toy, and contain REAL needles that can puncture or become a choking hazard for kids and pets if not handled properly.

What characters will I get next?

If you sign up before May 25th, 2017 you’ll receive Giggles the Unicorn and Fireball the Dragon at the beginning of June.

When is my credit card charged?

On the 25th of every month.

Can I give TubbyWubby Monthly it as a gift?

Yes. On the order form enter your info for the billing and the gift receiver as the shipping info.

Can I talk to a real person before signing up?

Yes. Call (805) 369- 1626 – 9-5pm CST) orders@tubbywubby.com

Where are you located?

Our headquarters and workshop are in Pismo Beach, California.