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Honey the Bee

Hank the Horse

Socks the Monkey

Waddles the Penguin

Scratch the Cat

Walter the Walrus

Fireball the Dragon

Baxter the Dog

Bluebell the Dog

Flopsy the Elephant

Slappy the Otter

Cotton the Lamb

Lucy the Shih Tzu

Giggles the Unicorn

Squints the Owl

Freckles the Giraffe

Midge the Mouse

Daisy the Bunny

Marshmallow the Moose

Snowflake the Yeti

Louie the Octopus

Ahhh-Choo the Cthulhu

Half & Half the Cow

Krackerjack the Racoon

Chip the Bluebird

Moxie the Fox

Crusty the Crab

Frankie the Shark

Crafty joy Inside

Start Sewing in Minutes. Designed to be done in under an hour. Approachable and loved by first-time stitchers. A craft activity you can take on-the-go! The perfect companion for the plane, car, or camping trips.

Everything you need, just add scissors.

Feel Good About Every Stitch

Supports S.T.E.M.
Educational & Fun

Explores turning a pattern into a 3D object, practice fine motor skills, and longer attention spans.

Vocational Program
Business Partner

Assembled by NCI’s vocational training program, providing opportunities for invdividuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Proudly Made
in Paso Robles, CA

We beleive you can make a great product right here at home.

Support Women
Buy WOman Owned

TubbyWubby is a certified women owned business.

TubbyWubby’s are about spreading gratitude, kindness, and love. I hope you can feel the love I put into every TubbyWubby kit. When the critters leave my studio and begin their journey out into the world, I look forward to seeing you bring them to life. May they bring you joy and happiness.

Rebecca Ruggles / Creator of TubbyWubby