TubbyWubby Subscription to be Discontinued in 2019

Thank you for being a TubbyWubby Monthly Subscriber. I know that you love receiving my latest critter every month. I now have over 60 critters to choose from, so I’ve decided to simply let you pick the kits and when you want to receive them. You can continue to order all my kits directly from my online store at TubbyWubby.com

The last subscription shipment will arrive the first week of January 2019. If you have a prepaid subscription you will receive a refund for the remaining months left. If you have a pay by the month plan, December 25th will be your last charge.

I will release new critters a few times a year, just not every month! Keep on stitching and stay tuned for new videos and kits in 2019.

Questions? Please email rebecca@tubbywubby.com